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Strategies for growing your hair straightening 

Today, women resorted to chemical hair alisarnos are time for nature, because now the curls take much value on aesthetics scene. 

However, one of several problems we face when leaving the routine of straightening takes place when the natural hair starts to grow, because not merely reveals the abused straightened hair, but both fight and textures often cause chaos in your appearance. Today we enable you to get some tips to relax hair grow without suffering within the attempt. 

Cut before leaving grow 
In the end come to mind about losing many long hair, it’s true that individuals must eliminate all hair straightening damaged leaves; therefore ideally choose to cut or style change. If you are a radical take you won’t mind the slightly shorter hair awhile. However , if you may not dare, it’s best to cut the ends every 2 or 3 months to visit preserving long while you obtain reduce damaged hair. 

The co-washing (co-washing) is a method that’s becoming accustomed to improve health of tresses. This requires washing your hair with conditioner only; it sounds strange conditioner cleanses and nourishes while doing so, so that the hair recovers quickly along with the hair pops up healthy. Ideally, avoid goods that contain sulfates because they damage the hair therefore you desire to avoid more damage to your hair already has. 

It is crucial that straightened hair and new hair is on its way out are sufficiently hydrated. This helps help keep you healthy and forestall the temperature affects the texture. 

Vegetable oils
Instead of resorting to more chemicals who promise to boost hair’s sebum have similar effect, because besides providing shine and strength for your hair will assist with problems like dandruff and hair thinning; as well as the best is perhaps you can use upon your scalp. So snatch oils for example olive, jojoba, avocado, etc., to raise the health of hair. 

Sleeping Cap 
Friction while using pillow is among the first of the morning causing frizz, plus often destroy is very important in the curls. In the market caps of silk or satin, which also help in keeping the hair in situ all night, aid the prevention of those stubborn hairs that escape towards the form of our hair. 

Protective hairstyles 
Therefore hairstyles which you can use to combine both textures, eliminate the knots that form and prevent damage in general. We now have the straightforward braids and bows dancer type, permitting you to wear long hair concurrently causing you to be healthful hair.


The way to relax hair of African Americans 


gently comb your hair and part into four equal parts. Secure each section with hair bands. 

Apply thick Vaseline around the hairline of one’s head, including ears. It will protect the epidermis near your scalp chemical burn whether or not this touches the relaxer. 

Straightening Mix 

gel and activator based on kit instructions smoothing. Remember to use plastic gloves to safeguard hands included. Relaxation and plugging benefit breaking disulfide bonds that create frizzy hair to reform are not able to chemically. 

relaxing employing it to test a compact part of nice hair back. Let it stay for some minutes to be certain there isn’t a reaction. 

Relaxer given to separate chapters of hair. Work faster straightening takes only a few minutes to treat hair. When you are done, comb with wide tooth comb and allow it to needlessly continue to be treated for the time indicated within the package. 

straighten Wash with cold water. Then use warm water and shampoo given the kit to clean up all relaxing. If the foam shampoo carries a pink hue, meaning it will always be relaxing flowing hair. Shampoo and rinse as many times as needed to have a froth that is certainly completely blank. 

Apply conditioner on hair ironing. Work the conditioner into your hair shaft end, while they are usually drier and at risk of knots. Leave on hair for 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. 

Dry hair with a towel and use a blow dryer to dry. Apply your best hairdressing on the scalp plus your coiffure.

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