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The protein is the main structure of the hair. It gives strength and elasticity. The treatments make the missing protein by the dye, the use of heat and daily hair, the hair again. If your hair is colored, you may need a protein treatment once every two weeks or weekly, depending on the damage. If it is not damaged, you must apply a protein treatment at least once a month.

Hair Treatments with Natural Oils: The easiest way the best? 

So as to construct (or reconstruct) the hydrolipidic hair protection currently exists a variety of plant oils you can buy. Choosing then?
They’re saying to obtain properties of “hydration”, “nutrition” and “repair” …

The first:
You have to look into the labels, to guarantee that this selected oils (alone or combined with other oils) actually provides the following components / features:

  • Essential fatty acids: linoleic acid to moisturize the cuticle and gives elasticity

Within natural oils: almond, aloe, argan, safflower, hemp, canola, wheat germ, cotton seed, butter, melon, walnut, grapeseed, wild rose, soybean, olive, sunflower etc . …

  • Vitamin e antioxidant (tocopherol), without which the fatty acids are manufactured ineffective by toxins.

Seen in: aloe, almond, avocado, borage, canola, wheat germ, soybeans, cotton, corn, macadamia nuts, palm, olive …

  • The term literally means the fraction of certain oils, that may not be become soap. Whether or not the fraction is often very weak, is essential because it ensures a much better penetration in the active principles

There is an unsaponifiable fraction oils: expressed almond oil, argan oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, extra virgin olive oil, corn, castor, soybean, ….

  • Substances “film-forming” substances, ie, build a mixture a lot like sebum, and so are in a position to deposit a micro-lubricant film about the hair shaft:

Oils: coconut, jojoba, shea butter, macadamia, Oenothera, palm …
The oil selected must include three elements:
1) virgin extra virgin olive oil 2) cold pressed 3) organic

  1. Organic olive oil means the oil is obtained by mechanical processes without chemical additives or oil industry.
  2. Cold pressing means residues (about 30%) is heated to own no longer oil.
  3. The organic label guarantees that there is no fertilizer, herbicides or chemical pesticides in cultivation. Because elements are soluble in fatty substances result in the crude product. Only industrial refining could take them off.

Without these terms you might find products without having active ingredients (efas and e vitamin): are only a fat, without the need of curative effect.
Finally, to be able to prevent their properties disappear after some time, preserve them in a cool place, protected from light, and never go higher than the expiry date shown around the label.

Now I’ve my acetie:
The ritual application
Begin by moistening the head of hair, preferably by having an atomizer and mineral water. Moisture facilitates penetration on the oil and it is expansion

Apply oil round the hair, make the application enter kneading, turning and pressing the head of hair, strand by strand, for a few seconds, and insist on the tips ..

Wrap hair in a very hot towel after which cover everything which has a shower cap or plastic wrap.

Cosmetics for haircare and application techniques 

Something called handler when their effects have the following characteristics:

– Harden hair, weak hair because for reasons uknown is not healthy, normal and hard-working.
– Affinity for keratin, so your hair is integrated in the intimate manner. This function has to be done without wrapping, ie, which the product really should not be fixed on the outside, but be integrated into the head of hair to begin identifying with him.
– Never should make hair heavy, however lighten, as understandable phenomenon should get hardening contraction, just as you shook skin astringent.
– To facilitate the disentanglement, on wet and dry hair.
– No electrified hair, and moreover, prevent this trend may have a electrizase naturally.

The capillaries utilised in cosmetic aesthetic treatments include:

– Specific treatment or shampoos.
– Hair lotions for specific action.
– Balms and fluid emulsions.
– Masks.
– Conditioners.
– Revitalizing creams.
– Hair Peelings.
– Solar Cosmetics.

Treatment Shampoos 
These shampoos also ensure hygiene with the one’s, contain substances that try and correct the capillary conditions. Understanding cosmetic medication is widespread although its action is limited with the short time of contact between your cosmetic and scalp. Are manufactured by deciding on the best kind of detergent based on the hair and the which act early correcting the illness receiving treatment. The remaining .de components ensure a pleasant user presentation and proper storage of the product.

Application technique:

– Thoroughly wet every one of the head. Apply shampoo to all parts of the scalp.
– Washing it’s going to follow through a massage rubs made ​​with fingertips on all areas on the head.
– The rub is obviously down, without tangling your hair.
– In manipulations greasy hair are going to be soft, never strong, to not stimulate the essential oil glands.
– In dandruff hair are capable of doing maneuvers and as well friction rubbing deep.
– On dry hair digital maneuvers kneading the scalp is recommended.
– Usually a first wash practiced to clean your hair and scalp.
– A comprehensive rinse is performed.
– A 2nd employing shampoo leaving it on for 5-10 minutes is done.
– You Following exposure time, rinsed again with hot water, rubbing the scalp with all the fingertips while locks are opened in order that the water reaches every one of the hair well.

Demand rinsing until the hair is present “crunchy” to the touch.
– The specific shampoos typically used twice a week.

With this name is located available usually many solutions hidroalcoholicoglicéricas alcoholic or other substances which offer a capillarity for every specific problem.

Normally the alcohol content is between 40 ° and 60 °.
The carrier or excipient grain alcohol permits get several actions:

– A stimulating peripheral circulation
– A greater availability of nutrients towards bulb because of previous lpunto.
– Antiseptic action.

Glycerin or other glycols are added due to the emollient effect to stop drying of the scalp. Are incorporated into a proportion of 2 to 5%. The pH of the lotion is usually neutral or slightly acidic.

Application technique:

– The lotions are applied to clean dry scalp, or after washing after eliminating moisture having a towel and detangling hair.
– The applying performs well drop in drop or with the aid of a cotton and that is impregnated in and lotion. is placed on the scalp. Opening contiguous stripes.
– The lotion is spread throughout the surface to handle the fingertips.
– After one adapted to take care of the abnormality to support penetration of the ingredients massage is carried out.

Balms and fluid emulsions 
Generally used after shampooing to facilitate detangling hair. Therefore go in the concept of “conditioning” the hair. Connect with wet hair leaving it on a couple of minutes then remove by rinsing.

They have an inclination to get fluid emulsions O / A containing derivatives rich in affinity cationic keratin, film-forming agents that envelop your hair shaft protecting and giving volume, fat and moisturizers.

Can be used as the concern of dry and damaged hair.

Application technology 

– After rinsing the shampoo to take out excess moisture in the hair which has a towel.
– Placing one dose available as one hand and extend with both on means and ends.
– Apply a massage with the fingertips for the hair shafts on the tips.
– Homogeneously -Repartir cosmetic by making use of a comb with wide and spaced barbs.
– Leave the exposure time recommended from the manufacturer (10-15 minutes)
– During the exposure time you can use the vaporizer.
– Rinse hair down gently without rubbing entangle.

These are small sealed glass vials containing products requiring a unique level, or why not be under vacuum and to preserve sterility. That way have various cosmetic treatments, generally, as solutions either oily or aqueous. Are placed on the scalp as lotions.

There’re cosmetic traditionally ‘been used by thin healthy skin care today visiting the field of – hair treatments. The raw materials employed for manufacturing are varied however the most used are:
– Clays as kaolin, bentonite, kieselguhr
– Mucilage as’ cellulose derivatives; gelatin, starch or synthetic polymers.
– Waxes, paraffins, fatty alcohols, lanolin derivatives, silicone fatty substances and general
– Moisturizers.

With these substances the base of the mask this agreement specific merchandise is added astringent character is formulated, stimulating, soothing, etc. Importantly, whatever the action from the assets products, masks employ a “cleansing” effect when dragging debris and detritus found on the skin.

The clay is very helpful for oily to soak up excess sebum and impurities in the surface of the skin hair. For dry and damaged hair mask containing more emollients formulated products and oily nature, which may have protective and conditioning action.

The substances used are often mentioned for other cosmetic treatment.

Application technique:

– Typically a thick layer on the scalp clean and after washing to eliminate excess moisture is applied.
– Allow an exposure time (10 or 15 minutes).
– During the exposure time you can make use of the vaporizer.
– Your hair is rinsed thoroughly, rubbing gently hoping to not catch.

Conditioning the head of hair means leave bright, full-bodied, smooth; an easy task to style and silky. Primarily formulated for dry and damaged hair by external agents (sun, chlorinated water …) or inadequate cosmetic treatments. These hairs most often have a matte and dull appearance. These are porous and fragile hair with hair shaft badly damaged because of sustained attacks.

This function can be executed:

– Post-shampoo rinses.
– Fasteners conditioners (spray, hair mousse and foam).
– Lotions Conditioners.
– Chroma balms and conditioners.
– Masks.

Have recently appeared shampoos-conditioner products popularly called 2 in 1

As active ingredients are used:
– Fats or oily substances brighten and lubricate your hair shaft. These include derivatives of lanolin, jojoba oil, lecithin, silicones, ceramides, fatty alcohols, etc.
– Cationic agents: exhibit high affinity for hair and therefore are fixed on the surface receiving a wrist action that hair are equipped for quite easily. Examples include quaternary ammonium compounds and cationic polymers of synthetic origin.
– Protein hydrolysates: These products coat your hair and form a protective film volumizing. Most workers are hydrolyzed collagen, keratin, silk, and casein.

Application technique:

The applying technique differs from the other cosmetics.
– The post-shampoo rinses are applied following the final rinse, with still wet hair, leave for a couple minutes after which it removed by rinsing.
– The conditioning shampoos are employed as being a normal shampoo.
– The fasteners are normally applied.
– Lotions, balms, creams and masks are applied after washing and rinsing, following excess moisture removed. Spread throughout your hair and then leave on for a few minutes so rinsed. In some instances, the vaporizer can be utilized together.

revitalizing creams 
Its composition is comparable to that relating to fluid emulsions but carry a larger component of oily substances and have greater consistency. They are utilized for dry and damaged hair.

Application technique:

The application form way is like balms and fluid emulsions.

Exfoliants or scrubs 
The objective of these cosmetics should be to remove ex-cess of peeling scalps with dandruff, treatment of more superficial layers of the corneum.

Usually available as gel or fluid emulsions. As active ingredients usually used keratolytic for example salicylic acid, urea or sulfur: also incorporate small amounts of a surfactant to facilitate further water removal.

Application technique:

– Apply on dry scalp.
– Divide the into four parts. While using the comb they may be drawing stripes of 1 cm along with the strategy is deposited. Sometimes products incorporate an applicator for quick operation. .
– Then gently massage with fingertips put on improve skin contact.
– Is permitted to act for approximately 10 minutes preferably while using vaporizer.
– After rinsed with water while helping with fingertips for their total elimination
– Wash with specific shampoo.
Are usually used once a fortnight.

solar cosmetics 
Direct sunlight, brine and the gold of the pools are aggression hair. The dry up and discolor. The hair loses shine and flexibility and becomes rough and brittle. The damages are higher on dry hair, permed and dyed.

This cosmetic line includes:
• Cosmetics before and during exposure: sprayed or spread with your hair before sun damage. Contain emollients and protective agents for example UV filters, silicone oils, ceramides and vegetable oils (soybean, castor …).
• Cosmetics after exposure:
– Soft cloth to clear out any excess salt or chlorine remaining around the hair and minimize the effects could be a stronger detergent washing with shampoos.
– Celes and solutions with emollients and moisturizing agents to cut back the end results of exposure.

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