Laser Hair Removal For Men

Laser Hair Removal is suitable for both males and females and is becoming increasingly popular amongst the male population. In fact, for many men who seek a thinning of the hair in areas such as their back or chest rather then permanent total removal, laser treatment often gives particularly successful results. Laser hair removal is currently only licensed in the US to be called laser hair reduction and for many men a permanent reduction in hair rather than a permanent total removal of hair is what they actually seek.

Whilst men may traditionally have chosen to have laser hair removal for sporting reasons, health or cosmetic concerns are now growing rationales. This is particularly true for men who have excessive amounts of hair on the back, stomach, chest or upper arms.

As with all type of laser hair removal it works most effectively on patients that have lighter skin and darker hair. Whilst women typically request treatment on the underarms, bikini line and legs, many men have much larger areas of the body that they require to be treated. Because of this laser treatment can take longer and be more expensive than it is for women. Men’s naturally higher levels of testosterone also mean that they often experience more regrowth of new hairs than women do and therefore may require more treatment sessions.

However, men also stand to gain more than women from laser hair treatment. The shaving or waxing of large parts of the body repeatedly can result in a large number of infected hair follicles and ingrown hairs as well as being a time consuming and costly procedure. The unsightly and tender red bumps associated with ingrown hairs are eliminated through laser hair removal. Similarly men who seek laser hair removal for hair on the back of their necks find that visits to the hairdresser are reduced.

Although laser hair removal for men might seem prohibitively expensive due to the larger areas to be covered and the number of sessions involved for men it is important that the long term costs of other treatment methods are taken into account. Whilst waxing might seem to be cheaper due to its lower initial costs it is ultimately more expensive due to the need for constant repetition.

For men seeking laser hair treatment the first step should be to investigate and visit one or more clinics. These clinics will be able to offer guidance on the number of treatments required and the likely costs. It is important to remember however that these figures will be estimates as it is impossible to predict with 100% accuracy just how any individual will respond to laser hair treatment.

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