Laser Hair Removal Cost Guide

Laser hair removal cost can vary between countries, cities and providers. One important thing to remember is that as with any procedure cost alone should not be the only basis for your decision. Laser hair removal is progressing rapidly and it is very important that you consider both the experience of your provider and how modern their equipment is as well as comparing prices. This is particularly true for patients that are not ideal candidates for laser hair removal as choosing the right provider could in this case significantly reduce the number of visits needed and the results achieved.


Providers often price their offerings differently. Some clinics offer prices based on time required to cover a certain area, some charge per session, some on number of pulses required and some simply charge a one off all in price for hair reduction.

It is actually very difficult to prejudge how many treatments each individual will take for permanent hair removal, therefore as a patient it may be cheaper in the long run to pay a one off fee for hair removal rather than paying separately for individual sessions. This would allow you to return to the clinic for additional treatment until you are satisfied with the result, depending on the contract signed. Any contract of this nature should be carefully examined to determine what is included in the price and what remedies are available should you not be happy with treatment.

When discussing prices with a clinic it is worth asking whether there are any discounts or offers available. Sometimes clinics run promotions in newspapers or magazines that they are happy to tell you about if you ask. Similarly some clinics may be happy to offer a discount if a certain number of treatments are paid for in advance. It is always worth asking about pricing options as few places will offer to reduce the price, but many may consider it upon request.

As a general guide the following prices are an average price per session, although it will vary from state to state and country to country:

  • Bikini Line: varies from around $250-300 per session or $400-500 for Brazilian services. On average bikini areas require 4-6 sessions for permanent hair reduction.
  • Upper Lip:Usually costs about $100-150
  • Full Face: $250-450 usually requires 4-6 sessions
  • Underarms:$150-$250 4-6 sessions required
  • Back:$300-800 4-6 sessions (more for denser hair)
  • Half Legs: $250-650 4-6 sessions needed

One of the most important things to remember is that although many of these costs seem expensive as a one off upfront cost, they should be compared with the ongoing costs of waxing etc. On average only about 6 sessions are required for permanent hair reduction, whereas waxing is an ongoing process.

Laser hair removal is at the moment only approved to be sold as a permanent hair reduction system. This should be remembered when choosing a clinic or provider; clinics that tell you that treatments that offer permanent hair removal should be avoided. Similarly clinics that are not open about their laser hair removal cost structure should be avoided. If embarking on a treatment course you should be given the cost per session of treatment and a clear idea of the number of sessions that may be required. It is important to remember though that this will only be a guide as it is very difficult for even an experienced doctor to exactly judge how many sessions each individual patient will require to get a result that they are happy with.

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