Izunami 450 Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Flat Iron, 1 Inch


  • Tourmaline ionic ceramic plates for better hair straightening results
  • Flash heating technology
  • Sleep Mode
  • Keratin hair treatment option
  • Continuous recovery system

Izunami may not be a brand that is familiar to everyone. However, it is the producer of one of the best hair straighteners in the market. One proof to this claim is the Izunami 450 Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Flat Iron. Though a fairly new name for you, it has loads of great features to introduce to your hair styling routines. Read on and discover why this tool is standing on the upper half of the ladder when speaking of good quality hair straighteners.

What Users Like:

  • hair is straightened perfectly in just one stroke
  • heats up very fast
  • hair looks shiny afterwards
  • fast styling results

What Users Dislike:

  • cannot be used on damp hair
  • straighten hair but do not deal with frizz and puffiness
  • gives more breakage as it snags hair from time to time

Features and Technology

  • The plates are infused with tourmaline crystals to offer a more even distribution of heat to the hair using infrared heat. It also gives a shinier and silkier finish as compared to ordinary ceramic hair straightener in less the time.
  • It boasts for flash heating, which means temperatures can be reached in no time for the best straightening and curling hair results.
  • It has a Sleep Mode that automatically switches the straightener off after 30 minutes of no usage. The device continues to beep and flash to alert you. This is a very ideal feature for safety and energy conservation concerns.
  • It has keratin hair treatments that offer care to the hair.


  • It has one inch ceramic plates that offer even heat distribution and rapid disengagements.
  • The plates glide smoothly over the hair with ease. After one glide, the hair will be perfectly straight.

Heat Setting

  • It can heat up to 450 F, which is ideal for all hair types and creating straight and curly hair.
  • The temperature is controlled manually for extra precision and flexibility.
  • It has a dial that can be set to over 450F. This automatically switches the straightener to keratin treatment mode.

Heat Consistency

  • Having ceramic plates, this hair straightener can boast for an even heat distribution all throughout use. This is true even with staggering temperatures. This allows salon professional straightening results.

Recovery Time

  • This hair straightener uses flash heating technology that heats up in 30 seconds. In this short span, the iron can be ready to iron out even particularly thick hair perfectly.
  • It also has a continuous recovery system, which ensures you have the right temperature for your styling needs all the time.

Damage Control

  • The ceramic blades promote even distribution, preventing the onset of hot spots that can only damage the hair while straightening.
  • It has built-in keratin hair treatments that can provide hair with better protection and care.


  • 5 x 1.2 x 3 inches
  • 6 ounces


  • Not stated


  • $154.99
  • A comparatively good price for a good quality hair straightener.

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