Herstyler Classic Forever Ceramic Flat Iron


  • Solid ceramic plates for fast and smooth straightening results
  • With negative ions for frizz elimination
  • Ultra light design
  • Ultra fast recovery time
  • Adjustable temperature controls

Do you want smooth and shiny straight hair within minutes? The Herstyler Classic Forever Ceramic Flat Iron can be of service to you. This straightforward tool is considered as one of the best hair straighteners for a reason. Check out what it has to offer.

What Users Like:

  • no frizz and dryness
  • leaves hair shiny
  • very affordable
  • perfect for curling hair, too
  • doesn’t burn hair

What Users Dislike:Herstyler-Classic-Forever-Ceramic-Flat

  • ceramic plates are not durable enough
  • broke off almost immediately
  • breaks fragile hair

Features and Technology

  • It works with a high concentration of negative ions that help cut the hair straightening time in half. The negative ions also work to renew the hair’s natural softness and to eliminate frizz as well.
  • The hair straightener is designed ultra-light for styling convenience.
  • It is designed ergonomically for comfort during use.
  • It runs on dual voltage.


  • The Herstyler flat iron comes with solid ceramic plates. This guarantees a fast and smooth straightening result all the time.
  • The plates are also responsible for making the hair three times smoother as compared to flat irons with ordinary ceramic plates.

Herstyler-Colorful-Seasons-Hot-PinkHeat Setting

  • This hair straightener comes with adjustable temperature controls to suit all hair types. The temperature can be set from 200 F to 460F.
  • It has an ON/OFF switch on the temperature control thermostat.

Heat Consistency

  • The ceramic plates allow a more consistent heat on all temperature settings for efficient straightening results and also for damage control.

Recovery Time

  • The desired temperature can be achieved in less than 25 seconds after being set. This is half the time faster as compared to conventional hair straightener models. This prolongs the lifespan of the product and also allows proper conservation of electricity.
  • This also promotes fast straightening results.

Damage Control

  • The Herstyler flat iron uses negative ions to help renew the hair’s smoothness, softness, and shine.
  • The ceramic plates promote fast and smooth straightening results that can prevent pulling or breaking of the hair during styling.
  • The consistent heat in the plates on all temperature settings prevents hot spot damage on hair.


  • 12 x 4 x 2.2 inches


  • The Herstyler Classic Forever CeramiHerstyler-Colorful-Seasons-Purple-Straightenerc Flat iron comes with a one-year warranty. This is a pretty good deal; however, other hair straighteners in the market come with up to four years of guarantee.


  • $19.95
  • This is not a bad price considering the great features packed in this styling tool.

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