Hair straighteners: what kind to pick and ways to use

Hair straightening irons 

The hair straightening irons work effectively and , sometimes achieve great results, but it is extremely important to respect rely on them well to prevent injury to our hair.
The hair straightening irons are manageable and be sure good smoothing.
Also, consume little power, 10 mins use 3 times per week is usually a small energy expenditure following a year (between 650 and 1,350 watts).
But you ought to implement some tricks to have a good result without risking problems for the hair. The very first is not to ever abuse the facilities.

When using the iron with success and safety … 

  • Unless a model created because of it, the plates are always officially used on dry hair. Never use on wet hair because doing so can break the hair fiber and dangerous.
  • The minimum temperature for a good smoothing are 120 °. A lot doubt, always use the cheapest recommended temperature for ones hair type.
  • If you have thin hair and docile, never increase above 160 ° C. Should your hairs are thicker or have marked curls you can find approximately 200 °.
  • Divide your hair into small tufts of thickness a maximum of 3 or 4 inches and slide the iron from root to tip, without stopping at any time more than 2 seconds.
  • If you’re inexperienced inside the call time plate, commence with a small temperature and gradually increasing it go soon you acquire skill. Although you may invest additional time from the first surfaced, it is far better to experiment with it safe: the plates can exceed 240 ° C and turn into dangerous otherwise used carefully.
  • Do not use the hair straightner near water (sink, tub …) or barefoot. Just like the dryer, you will find there’s risk of electrocution.
  • Take care not to accidentally touch the new aspects of the plate. They could exceed 240 ° C and cause burns. For the similar reason, will not lean the new iron using a surface with little resistance to heat.
  • Do not allow the iron within reach of kids or apply it purposes other than hair straightened.
  • Don’t expect to get very good results with your hair before acquiring some practice with the iron …

Professional Tips 

  • What are the consequences of improper use iron? Your hair damaged by misuse on the plate are recognized immediately simply because they have thinned and burned the tips of the hairs like who spend time under the sun mode. The heat affects the keratin present in the hair structure, which weakens and loses beauty. This phenomenon was more frequent once the old plates were chosen. Using the new, the situation is caused by an abuse of the temperature or intensive daily use, for periods for a minimum of 3 to 4 months.
  • Can it be better grilled, or can it be considerably better use brush and hair straightening hair? If you have good technique while using brush you are able to break and damage the head of hair further. Therefore it is better to make use of the sheet being careful with temperature.
  • In case used frequently? In shops there thermoprotectant professional products, which can be placed on the semi-wet hair before straightening. To combat split ends, the recommendations is usually to navigate to the hairdresser often and cut his hair, which restores vigor and brilliance.

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