Guide To Treating Different Areas With Laser Hair Removal

This page offers a quick reference for treatment on different areas of the body and face with laser hair removal techniques. It details the likely success and possible complications when treating different areas of the body. Please note that you should always consult a qualified doctor before undertaking any permanent procedure.


Generally treatment of the bikini area is well tolerated and achieves good results in permanent hair reduction. The hair that does grow back is often finer and sparser. As with other treatments it works best on lighter skin and darker hair. One of the great benefits of laser treatment in this area is that it is one of the areas that most commonly gets ingrown hairs following waxing. Laser treatment does not suffer from this disadvantage so eliminates the unsightly bumps, inflammation and redness of ingrown hairs.

Facial Hair:

Excessive facial hair in women can be caused by hormonal irregularities and this should be ruled out by your doctor before you embark on any treatment. On facial hair a 50-70% reduction can be expected after 3 treatments (although this varies by patient) and maintenance treatments are normally needed when using lasers to remove facial hair. For safety reasons laser treatment should never be used around the eyes for the brow area. These areas are more suited to waxing, plucking or tweezing.

Underarm Hair:

As the underarm is such a small area the treatment for it is usually fairly quick and can be less expensive to treat than other areas. Careful preparation concerning the use of deoderants etc can be needed so check with your provider about what special preparations are required. Underarm hair can require a number of treatments as with other areas of the body to achieve a permanent reduction.

Back Hair:

One of the problems that patients with excessive back hair experience is that they often get infected hair follicles which can cause discomfort and irritation. Also, it is very difficult for patients to reach their own backs to wax and shave as necessary. For this reason laser hair removal is a good option for hair in this area, often resulting in a permanent reduction in the amount of hair. The whole back can usually be covered in a single session although multiple sessions over a period of time will be needed for permanent hair reduction.

Leg Hair:

As there is a large surface area to be covered treatments for leg hair are often more time consuming than other areas. This also means that treatment for this area can be more expensive. In addition some patients report that they find treatment on the legs can be more painful than that on other areas. Getting your legs lasered can be a fairly significant financial investment and many patients prefer to start with other areas and determine whether they are happy with the results before embarking on treatment on their legs.

In addition to the areas above many other parts of the body can be treated successfully. If you are considering treatment the best person to give you advice is doctors that operate the machinery. It is always advisable to get more than one opinion when considering any cosmetic treatment and asking questions to ensure that anybody treating you is both fully qualified and using the most modern laser technology.

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