Bikini Laser Hair Removal

Using laser hair removal in the bikini line area can be one of the most successful laser treatments available. This is because Bikini hair typically has higher levels of melanin than other hairs in the body and is also thicker allowing the laser to work more effectively.

Not only is the bikini laser treatment one that works most successfully it is also one that clients generally report the most satisfaction with. The reason for this is that without regrowth the unsightly problem of ingrown hairs is eliminated in the bikini area. This creates a far more pleasant visual effect than waxing. In addition, unlike other larger areas of the body, a session of treatment for bikini laser hair removal generally takes under 30 minutes per treatment meaning that it is cost effective and fast.

Many companies now offer a wide variety of bikini laser hair removal ranging from a full brazilian removal through to just a minimal amount of lasering around the bikini line.

As with other treatments, lasering in the bikini area works best if you have a combination of light skin and dark hair. However, many clinics can treat patients with a full range of hair and skin colors. Please ask the clinic you are considering for treatment.

One thing to note is that a laser bikini treatment is unlikely to work if you have grey hair as the lack of melatonin in the hair prevents the laser from working.



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